Espresso Coffee Beans - The Best Blends For Making Espresso

A recent espresso enthusiast may find the drink and its long history quite overwhelming and complex. There are so many things to understand and consider, such as:

With so many terms to understand and such a vast array of beans and machines to explore, taking on a hobby in espresso brewing can easily render one confused.

For example, many stumble over the difference between coffee beans and espresso beans.

The Difference between Coffee Beans and Espresso Beans

Different types of beans are more appropriate for coffee while others are better suited to espresso. Usually, the higher quality beans are used for espresso because of the drink's concentrated nature.

Espresso can typically be organized into the following three general coffee blends:

Single Origin Arabicas; 100% Arabica; and Arabica/Robusta.

Single Origin Arabicas

Java drinks made from single origin arabicas means that the beans are from one particular location. Every bean exudes a flavour that is particular to the location in which it is grown and harvested. Interestingly, single origin arabicas are also 100 per cent arabica beans.


Arabica beans belong to the species known as Coffea Arabica, which are naturally found in Ethiopia. The arabica plant grows in mountainous terrain and is often the bean used to make specialty coffee drinks.

Robusta is another coffee bean. Although not listed as one of the main three beans, it is also a common coffee bean.

Robusta coffee beans come from the Coffea Canephora species, which grow naturally in the western areas of Africa. Robusta is a more acidic bean, making it less ideal for coffee beverages as it usually causes indigestion. In comparison, arabica beans produce milder drinks that are much more aromatic and far less harsh or acidic in taste. Arabica drinks have about 50 per cent less caffeine than drinks made with robusta beans.

Arabica/Robusta Blends

Arabica/robusta blends combine the best characteristics of both beans. Drinks made with this blend are full-bodied yet mild, smooth yet bold. Because of this excellent and seamless mix of contrasting notes, arabica/robusta blended espressos are the most preferred out of the three main types.

Espresso is a high quality java drink that easily pleases the masses due to its smooth, sweet flavour and low acidity. It is great at the office, at home or in a restaurant. Espresso is an excellent after dinner drink, but is also nice at any time of the day. Knowing the differences amongst the various coffee espresso beans can help a new espresso drinker find their preferred flavour.


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